Filter the users table by registration date

The other day I needed to find a customer on Sebs Studio by date in the users admin table only I noticed for the first time that the users table does not have a filter like it does for posts/pages and custom post types to only show the users from a month and year. Today I developed a simple plugin that does just that.

Users by Date Registered is a free and open-source plugin that not only allows you to filter by date but also shows a new column with the date the user registered.

So if this is something you need then go ahead and download it. It’s available both on my GitHub and

Donations are welcome. Have a great day.

Plugins Site Menu Link

Have you ever wanted a quicker way to access and install a new plugin straight away when you area viewing the front-end of your site. Well now you can by using this piece of code.

function sd_plugins_site_menu_link( $wp_admin_bar )  {
if( is_admin() || ! current_user_can( 'manage_options' ) ) {
$args = array(
 'parent' => 'site-name',
 'id' => 'plugins',
 'title' => __( 'Plugins' ),
 'href' => admin_url( 'plugins.php' )
$wp_admin_bar->add_node( $args );
add_action( 'admin_bar_menu', 'sd_plugins_site_menu_link', 999 );

Simply add it to your functions.php file. I have also released it as a free plugin if you like.

Download the plugin now from


Hire Me Status Widget

So I needed a small widget that I could change easily the status of my availability to be hired. You can see my current status in the sidebar.

Before I used the ‘Text’ widget to display this but I got tired of editing the status and changing the colour that I associated with the status.

I didn’t find one that was available so I quickly created a simple widget that I can change in a quick flash. As it is a small widget plugin, I thought I write it in away that would be suited to any body.

You may if you wish put a title but you can also set it for a team so that is displays e.g. We are Available for Hire


Widget Controls

I have pushed the code to my GitHub profile so if you want to add anything extra to the plugin then contributions are welcome.

Download from GitHub | Download from

For your information: It will be available on shortly, I am just waiting for it to be given the OK for me to publish the plugin there also.

Update: 3rd June 2013, The widget plugin is now available on

Separating services from shop

So recently I have been re-organizing how I work and provide my WordPress services and now that I have a personal site I can move those services here instead of having it with my digital e-Commerce store (Sebs Studio) where I sell premium WordPress plugins for various shopping cart systems.

This move will not only help me better in the long run but also for my clients and my future clients were they will be able to identify who they are working with and who they address too.

Sebs Studio is being improved little by little while this re-organizing is in process and with that I have been working hard developing the tools I need to further my goals and provide me the ability to develop plugins quicker for my clients and the store.

With the WooCommerce Extension Boilerplate I created I am rewriting all of my WooCommerce extensions for compatibility and improving their performance, security and features at the same time.

I am also designing a completely new theme to not only improve the Sebs Studio brand but for a more professional and modern look.

Below is a screenshot of the new design in progress. Feedback is important so please let me know what you think of the design so far and what I can do to improve it.

Sebs Studio new design preview

Sebs Studio new design preview

This design will be based on two themes put together.

  1. Highwind Light - Individual Page Options
  2. Sandcastle - Structure

Also with the new Sebs Studio on it’s way I will be moving away from using WooCommerce as my store manager and will be use Easy Digital Downloads instead.

As much as I like using WooCommerce I find EDD to be lighter and faster which is what I need for my business. It also focuses only on just digital downloads which is the only thing that I sell. This way I also have less plugin extensions installed for WooCommerce that filter out what I don’t need.

Most of the features that I require from EDD are already provided and is all free.

One thing I am looking for is a great hosting provider to host the new site with SSL so that the site runs faster, less down time and is more secure for my customers. If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them.

I think that’s it for now. I will keep you posted once I have more to share.

Thank you for reading.

Would you support a currently active developing product?

AffiliateWP Mascot 3

UPDATED 11th April 2014: AffiliateWP is now available to purchase.

If you haven’t heard by now, the creators of Easy Digital Downloads is currently developing a new affiliate plugin for WordPress called Affiliate WP.

AffiliateWP is a commercial plugin that will be available at

AffiliateWP - Homepage - Signup Page

AffiliateWP Homepage

Currently the plugin is hosted on a public Github repository in order to better facilitate community contributions from developers and users alike.

This method allows room for suggestions, to report bugs, or patch an issue.

It got me thinking about how the community can support developers to create the product using their feedback based on what they already have available.

Now normally I wouldn’t release a commercial plugin out in the open but this is a product that is currently being developed and with that it leaves the door open to possibilities the product can bring to the table.

The developers have stated this:

We do ask, however, that if you are using the plugin on a live site that you please purchase a valid license from the website. We cannot provide support to anyone that does not hold a valid license key.

If that is not a bold statement right there then I don’t know how else to explain it to the users.

If the community is fully aware that support will not be given to those who use a commercial product that is currently active in development, would other developers start to release currently active products publicly also?

Is this a new try before you buy approach?

How much in revenue would be lost to those developers when the users don’t end up paying for support when it is finished?

Is this method a good thing, a new way of fundraising code by generous support from other developers working together?

I guess we will have to wait and see how it turns out once AffiliateWP is officially available.

Would you release a commercial product publicly while it is still in development? Leave your comments and thoughts below.