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WordPress has and continues to inspire web developers to keep going further and as we use WordPress for our websites more and more we need to also back up our data more and more and there are many tools available that help us do that.

But that is only for content. What about the settings we have taken our careful time to choose for our themes. There is not one available and that is a crying shame. Continue Reading…

Exporting old code, Importing new code

So as I am building the new Sebs Studio I have come to the decision to no longer develop Jigoshop extensions purely because there has not been enough interest for them and sales have been very bad. I will however provide updates to the current plugins that I have released for Jigoshop but it will be slim.

I am also releasing my premium plugin extensions for Jigoshop on and on Sebs Studio GitHub repository. This is so that they are archived but not forgotten and if users still want them they can download them for free.

So what are you building?

I am building a new site from scratch that will support my premium plugins far better than before and all current WooCommerce extensions will be completely re-written so they are all updated and working with the latest version of WooCommerce.

I also have new plugins that have been in the making and will release them after the re-writes and the new launch of Sebs Studio.

What is available now?

All previous versions of Sebs Studio products is or will be freely available on GitHub and on but support will currently not be provided as I am busy developing.

I want to be notified when available?

You can follow me and Sebs Studio via Twitter or you can place your e-mail address below to subscribe to my newsletter.

Filter the users table by registration date

The other day I needed to find a customer on Sebs Studio by date in the users admin table only I noticed for the first time that the users table does not have a filter like it does for posts/pages and custom post types to only show the users from a month and year. Today I developed a simple plugin that does just that.

Users by Date Registered is a free and open-source plugin that not only allows you to filter by date but also shows a new column with the date the user registered.

So if this is something you need then go ahead and download it. It’s available both on my GitHub and

Donations are welcome. Have a great day.

Plugins Site Menu Link

Have you ever wanted a quicker way to access and install a new plugin straight away when you area viewing the front-end of your site. Well now you can by using this piece of code.

function sd_plugins_site_menu_link( $wp_admin_bar )  {
if( is_admin() || ! current_user_can( 'manage_options' ) ) {
$args = array(
 'parent' => 'site-name',
 'id' => 'plugins',
 'title' => __( 'Plugins' ),
 'href' => admin_url( 'plugins.php' )
$wp_admin_bar->add_node( $args );
add_action( 'admin_bar_menu', 'sd_plugins_site_menu_link', 999 );

Simply add it to your functions.php file. I have also released it as a free plugin if you like.

Download the plugin now from


Hire Me Status Widget

So I needed a small widget that I could change easily the status of my availability to be hired. You can see my current status in the sidebar.

Before I used the ‘Text’ widget to display this but I got tired of editing the status and changing the colour that I associated with the status.

I didn’t find one that was available so I quickly created a simple widget that I can change in a quick flash. As it is a small widget plugin, I thought I write it in away that would be suited to any body.

You may if you wish put a title but you can also set it for a team so that is displays e.g. We are Available for Hire


Widget Controls

I have pushed the code to my GitHub profile so if you want to add anything extra to the plugin then contributions are welcome.

Download from GitHub | Download from

For your information: It will be available on shortly, I am just waiting for it to be given the OK for me to publish the plugin there also.

Update: 3rd June 2013, The widget plugin is now available on